Industrial Purpose

Commerce and industry are the major consumers of Grid supply and for their growth and facility 24 hour power supply is essential at this age.The solution we provide to industries is uninterrupted and clean energy with low investment which not only reduces the electricity bills also the industry will get free and clean energy for next 25 years with ROI period around 5 years.

Why Industries should go Solar:-
1) One time investment and 4-5 years payback period
2) Electricity tariffs are increasing,where as solar power cost is decreasing
3) Clean & Green energy
4) Almost negligible maintenance cost
5) ADB benefit and Tax holidays
6) Un-interrupted power supply even at power cut
7) Saving fossil fuels and the environment

The technology we provide:-
1) Solar PV On-Grid system
The system includes Solar PV Pannels, Solar inverters, AC & DC cables, accessories and earthing to supply to the Load which works only at day time and the out put power is synchronized with the Grid or DG set supply
2) Solar PV Off-Grid system
In this arrangement the power generated is stored in battery banks for day and night use in your industry. The system includes PV Pannels, Inverter, Cables, Accessories, Batteries, earthing etc.

We do consultation, installation and activation of solar power system with EPC and O&M. We do execute contract of Solar Projects. We can provide all type of solar energy solutions.

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