Solar Power Plant

Solar Power at Petrol Pump

With the scarcity of energy resources and shortage of power, depletion of load is a very common phenomenon that happens in different industries in day-to-day basis. In this crisis situation, solar power plant plays a prominent role. Solar power plants comprise of diverse instruments that are integrated with each other, such as: photovoltaic panels or modules, mounting systems, battery, inverter and other instruments that connect the grid and provide a self reliant source of energy.

Before solar power plant installation, we will design and customize solar structures in proportion to the limited space available. Consistent with your power requirements, if the area is not sufficient for the standard design power plant installation, our engineers will go for a detailed engineering to draw a meticulous customized plan to accommodate the space you have and will meet the stringent norms.

Solar power plants installed on the rooftops differ from that installed on the ground as they require more work in terms of feasibility, grid connection, environmental assessment etc., which is usual for a large industrial solar power plant installation project. The time needed for the completion of such a project is much more than a general residential rooftop installation. We have solid project management and execution skills, which are required for industrial solar power plant installation.

Our major goal is to optimize the power plants for the customers to produce maximum amount of solar energy. We ensure maximum revenue generation throughout the plant’s operational life. By investing in operation and maintenance technologies we try to create and develop a sustainable and scalable solar power plant platform.

At Surya International, we play a vital role in executing high revenue generating solar power plant projects. The process includes: designing power plant systems, feasibility analysis, construction, installation and maintenance of the solar power plants. We will complete the solar power plant installation project with reliability, equality and functional requirements by the plant systems. Our engineering team will put utmost effort to complete the project in record time.