1 ABB Limited
  2 L & T
  3 Godrej Limited ( EPC division) 
  5 Azure Power
  6 Tata Projects limited.
  7 Lanco Infratech Limited
  8 Cirus Solar Limited.
  9 Mytas Infrastructure limited
  10 Kirloshkar Brothers Limited
  11 Get Power Limited
  12 KSK Surya PLC
  13 Vishwanathan Projects Limited.
  14 Sterling and Wilson Limited. 
  15 Shyama Power India Ltd
  16   TATA BP Solar Limited.

Engineering Procurement and Construction

We undertake Power projects for Distribution and Transmission lines and Industrial electrical solution.
We have sufficient infrastructure and efficient team to execute electrical project. Within the year of operation we have successfully charged more than 70 villages under GOI electrification Project, three industrial units and more than 100 distribution Transformers.

Project Automation and Manufacturing 

We manufacture Pit Boring machine, Pole erection Machine, Tractor Operated Crain, Tractor Operated Fork Lift and Deep Hole digger and Building Pilling machine.

We can also under take the project automation part for material handling and designing as well as manufacturing project automation application to minimize labor effort, safety and on time execution.